2015 Holiday Season dates to remember for signage messaging

Holiday Season is right, around, the,...wait, it might already be here.

For those store owners who know that the Holiday season is the time of the year when they get back into the black, the following dates need to not only be remembered, but anticipated.

Halloween 2015 is on a Saturday

This means that shoppers will have a full week to plan for Trick-or-Treating. Be mindful though, because several cities - especially the suburbs - have a tendency to run trick or treat a day or two early so as to not clash with other events as well as to make it more manageable.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday the 26th

It’ll happen a little later this year. This means there will be a longer lead time to advertise from Halloween to Thanksgiving, but this will also mean a shorter lead time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Planning signage message accordingly will mean that in the final days leading up to Thanksgiving, you might want to come up with messages that cross apply for the remaining holidays events.

Hanukkah is from Sunday, December 6th to Monday, December 14th

The 8 days of celebration will be happening towards the beginning of December this year. This will provide an even balance of marketing time between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. A good content schedule will allow your signage to balance between the days.

Christmas Eve is on a Thursday; Christmas is on a Friday

This balances out quite well, making for great a 4-day weekend. The workers get consistent days off. The shoppers get fluid shopping weeks.

And signage copywriters don’t have to come up with 1-day only, intermittent messages.

Kwanzaa starts Saturday, December 26th and ends Friday, January 1st

Why stop at Christmas? Kwanzaa starts the day after and goes straight on to New Year’s Day. Message branding would be allow to plan for the days.

New Years Day, 2016 is on a Friday

The shopping higher-ups have the perfect scenario: shopping holidays at the end of the week.

Plan for the day, plan for the weekend. The shoppers will.

For more advice on how to make your signage work during the Holiday season, contact us today.