First steps with client in our outdoor signage process

First steps with client in our outdoor signage process

Our clients, and those who like to do their research before giving us a call, always want to know what the process is. We answer by stating that while every sign is unique, many of the steps are similar. So much so that it has become our process. The process steps typically follow what is below:

1 - Survey

To make sure all the steps are considered leading up to the design of outdoor signage, we start off by providing a client survey. We make sure we know intention, signage purpose, business / entity for which the signage is constructed, and other aspects. We’ll want to know whether or not it is a new construction or an update.

The basics.

2 - Building Code Checks

Where the building is being erected is another important step. Each location is subject to zoning and visibility laws as well as other local, county, state, and federal regulations. Once we have established where the sign is going to go, we look into what it’s going to take to make it happen. We begin the paperwork, the permit process and subsequent documents.

3 - Client Meeting

We have the survey, we know the location, the construction paperwork is on its way. Now is the time where we meet face-to-face with the client. We go over materials, design options, alternatives, cost estimates, and estimated time frames.

3 - Client Assets and Color Matching

Once the meeting is done, we begin the design phase. In order to get the finishing touches, we need the client’s basic branding design assets - typically a digital asset - and begin color matching them to outdoor design materials.

5 - And we begin

Once these steps are determined and completed, the race is on to make sure we make our “on time or on us,” guarantee.

When you are ready to begin:

For more information, or to get the initial client survey and beginning gathering needed information, contact us today. We’ll get you headed in the right direction and on your way to getting you the much-deserved outdoor signage.