Ways to submit branding asset files to a signage company

A basic question we get is, “How do we get our signage asset files over to you?”

There are several ways to provide us copies of your graphical assets (logos). Some ways are preferred, others run the risk of providing less than desired results. Without delay, here’s a few examples.

”Can I drop off stationary with our logo on it? Would that help?”

Typically, this isn’t the direction we would want to go in. If given the choice, we’ll always go with electronic version (something that works directly with computer software). This will help us provide optimal results. The electronic version, especially a high-resolution photo from Adobe Illustrator software, will allow us the greater possibility of increasing the size of the graphical assets without running the risk of blurring the finer points and edges - otherwise known as pixelating.

”Can you just take a copy of the logo of the website? “

Typically, website logos are not high-resolution images. Higher resolution digital images are much bigger, and if they were used in the header of the website they would slow down the loading of the web pages.

Of course, if you have a press kit on the website that includes a high-resolution copies of the graphical assets, we can use those.

”I’ve got a .jpg / .gif / .bmp image on my computer. I could send that over.”

Though .jpg, .gif, and .bmp are commonly used graphical asset files, they are seldom high-resolution images. Their file formats are so popular because they can provide precision imagery on websites while only using 1/4 of the compression that is required of print-level images.

What we typically look for on high-resolution images. Please check out our blog article on high-resolution images for more information.

”I’ve got the high-resolution images. Can I email them?”

Yes. Of course. If the email doesn’t send, we can also accept DVD copies and various online file-transfer methods.

For more information on preferred graphical assets to begin work, contact us today!