Digital Properties for B2Cs to Promote on Signs in 2016

As we wrote about Alternative CTAs for Signs in 2016, a discussion arose among the team members regarding which social media properties one should focus on. We thought we had the list done when one of our members pointed out the fact that many review sites have so much crossover that, depending on the type of business, they need to be considered.

Below are the three we discussed and researched the most.


"Isn't that only for restaurants?" This isn't your big brother's Yelp!. Despite the flack they received for winning the writes to fudge with their reviews, Yelp! has since branched out to review small and local businesses from all types of life. They have truly come to compete not only with Google Maps but with the phone book sites as well. And with their community-driven reviews, making sure a business monitors their reputation in this space can be crucial. Feel free to use your signage to remind your customers to check your business in Yelp!


As one of our team members pointed out, sometimes the travel is only down the street. We're not sure how its happened, but TripAdvisor has gone from an app for those looking for the best places during their travel to a thorough, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," for local and small businesses throughout the country. Heavily supported, dedicated community, and thorough reviews, it's like having a friend who gives you the local's take on locations.

Being on of the first business in your market to support and promote your business on TripAdvisor can be crucial. Find space on your signage to promote your activity here.


Here's another one that's slightly more niched, and when you go there you'll find yourself reading in the voice of William Shatner, but Expedia.com reviews also include "Things to Do." If you are a B2C business with a local focus, you could find yourself on their being reviewed without knowing it. You would owe it to your business to monitor activity in this space as well. And if you are in a travel destination, don't be afraid to remind the tourists your reviews can be found there. Use your sign to tell them you're there.

It's the details that can hurt your reputation in the long run

Keeping up on these review sites can help keep your reputation afloat. Letting the customers know you know of these spaces too will help them know you pay attention. And, like in most cases, let your signage begin the communication.