How long after the holiday season can I leave up Holiday Messages?

On December 26, the shopping season continues to be in full swing with returns and sales. The shopping craze continues all the way to New Years. But, what then? People get back to work. Shopping sales fade away to make way for the new year. Some of the Holiday signage goes down, but not all of it. Every wondered why? Are businesses having trouble keeping up or is there a strategy behind it?

Not every Holiday Season ends on January 1

Many Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas around January 7, to keep in-step with the traditional Gregorian calendar. This means their holiday season goes on for a few more days. Other churches celebrate Epiphany around the 6th of January. Such customers will still be in a celebrative state of mind.

NCAA Football is having their first Bowl Playoffs this year. The semifinals will be on New Years Day, but the championship won’t be until the 12th. There will still be college football fans in a couple areas of the country who will still very much in the celebrating spirit until then.

One can always track the results

Another way to measure the effect of Holiday signage is by tracking the results. As we wrote in a previous post, one can use unique codes, Calls-to-Action, and other unique identifiers to track the effects of the Holiday theme signs. Once the diminished returns make the signs no longer practical, it’s time to change them.

See much advertising for Spring Break?

Another measuring effect is to look at the weather. If all the advertising around has changed to the new season, it’s probably a good time to keep up with the Jones'.

Let us know what you decide to do