How LED signs can jumpstart small businesses

Digital signage is part of a revolution that celebrates like a rave and and only pauses for milliseconds at a time. Like many technological improvements, corporations benefit from the overall impact; small businesses garner an instant impact from the upgrades.

Below are a few reasons why we think digital signage, especially LED outdoor signs, have an immediate impact for smaller outfits.

Less levels of management to seek approval

While bigger corporations typically have more resources to better absorb any upgrades to LED signs, smaller companies, small businesses, and startups will be able to more quickly make the change without as much of the red tape and approval. Less chefs in the kitchen. More jacks of all trades.

One sign can have higher overall impact

Will each property a corporate holds will benefit greatly from digital upgrades, smaller companies are less diversified with fewer revenue streams. An asset such as an outdoor LED sign provides ample opportunity for a business to test numerous messages on several customers. Such a tool means an incredible way to get new, updated data, results, and most importantly, foot traffic.

Less restrictions prohibiting testing

Bigger companies have brand guides, styles, layers of marketing and sales to set out messaging and content calendars. Clean and tight, typically. And there isn't anything wrong with that. It's been proven effective time and time again, especially when hundreds of storefronts have to stay synonymous with their messages.

Smaller companies typically don't have to stick so close to the script. Typically, smaller companies give more power to front-line managers, and from there, more freedom to test messages and ideas.

Startup cowboy mentality

It isn't only the freedom to put up more messages, but the freedom to be as innovative as one can imagine that separates the smaller companies from their larger counterparts.

To learn more about the freed-up opportunities small businesses would find with their own LED outdoor signs, contact us today