Why Digital Signage Advertising makes sense in retail

Back in the day, retail stores would jockey for position in the Sunday newspaper inserts, bidding over who got the section that best fit their niche. Painstaking hours went into designing the print ads, getting the bleeds right for the cuts, submitting final versions to the newspaper, and hoping you got it done before it went to press. And if someone had a type-o, well, you were stuck with that type-o.

Nowadays, all one needs is a Google AdWords account and a few minutes to get the word out. And, if you make a type-o, you can quickly and easily make the edit, update and push.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. With digital signage, you can quickly update, fix, change, rearrange, and target your message throughout your store's environment at any time of the day. No need to screen, print, bleed, cut, and frame up print signs to change and optimize your message.

Wi-Fi Targeting

As we talked about in a previous article, wi-fi targeting technology, especially with app usage, makes it easier to target messages and products to your customers. Beyond the ability to hyper target customers, as the technology is getting out of early-adopter phase, it's becoming more and more affordable for companies to use.

Department-Specific Marketing

Running digital signage in each department / category within your store means you're able to tailor and customize the customer experience in a way that enhances and spotlights everything in the area. It's a no-brainer for upsell and cross-sells - if someone is selling shoes, you can display types of socks.

Informational Marketing

With kiosks, apps, and bar codes, you can set machines that can help buyers accessorize, or explain how to utilize the part or tool that you are using, and demonstrate those examples because of the digital signs. Essentially, customers can program the signage to provide them what they need. If you sell dress-shirts, you can set up signage that will show customers how to care for, accessorize, and color-match the shirt.

It's an amazing, amazing world we live in.

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