Converting Neon Signs to LED Lighting

There’s just something noir cool about a neon sign, especial one with a timeless design which triggers nostalgia and harbors folks back to simpler times. But like with all things, times change.

Folks can no longer put a nickel in the juke box and play their favorite song while sipping on a milkshake at the soda shop. Folks can no longer use neon signs for business as much anymore. Those signs are now all LED, whether they started LED or they’re being retrofitted from neon.

The truth is there are many great reasons why if you’re thinking neon it’s time to go LED, and if you have a neon sign it’s time to convert it to LED. Here are the big reasons:

Why retrofit Neon Signs with LED lighting?

  1. LEDs are typically brighter than neon: On average, LED lights can shine 50%-70% brighter than neon sights.
  2. LED lasts considerably longer that neon signs: One of the biggest perks of LED signs is that they go for years at a time.
  3. LED consumes a lot less power than does neon: LED is the most efficient signage lighting found in today’s market.
  4. Many neon signs still contain mercury: Just a touch of mercury is/was typically added along with argon to create those incredible, vibrant colors seen today. The downside is if the neon sign breaks, they mercury can lead to health issues.
  5. LED signs still work better in colder temperature than neon signs: Neon brightness dips significantly when it gets around 35 degrees F and colder. LEDs don’t have this problem.
  6. LED requires less effort to assemble: They’re plastic lights. Easy snap & go like a regular lightbulb. Also makes it easy to replace them. Neon takes custom fabrication.
  7. LEDs are more flexible: They typically run in durable plastic casings and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever isn’t standard can be made custom.
  8. LEDs better apply to newer legislation: Much of today’s regulation as well as environmentally-friendly certifications are only made possible with LED lighting.
  9. More durable: glass vs plastic: The strong plastic used for LED lights can withstand more of an impact than can neon and glass, especially in outdoor conditions.
  10. And LEDs typically don’t have that signature flicker that neon signs: Though, admittedly, the flicker is part of a neon sign’s charm.

How easy is it to convert Neon Signs with LED lighting?

While there’s no blanket answer to this question, a testament to the diversity of today’s outdoor & business signage, for the most, a great rule of thumb is that LED lights can get into more cervices than neon lighting. If it fit neon, it can usually fit LED.


How much does it cost to convert Neon Signs to LED?

Once again, there’s no blanket answer, but there is a lot of precedence and experience. What that doesn’t cover is covered by our free consultation, free initial quote, and our “On Time or On Us,” guarantee.

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