LED Outdoor Signage Questions - The Beginner's Edition

In our last few articles we’ve covered many different aspects regarding LED outdoor signage. We’ve covered basic terms, types of signage, features, comparing vs. LCD as well as comparing and contrasting the types of LED signage.

But if you’re still getting used to the whole LED outdoor buying experience, allow us to provide you a few basic questions to get the brain cells stimulated.

Questions to consider when picking LED SIgnage

  • How long does the potential customer have to view the sign?
  • What will be the peak viewing times for the signage?
  • What other area signs will be competing for exposure ?
  • What will be behind the sign?
  • How many signs do you need to buy?
  • For how many locations do you need signs?
  • How are your customers eyesight?
  • What emotional appeals are you hoping to achieve with your message
  • Do you have a plan in place to update the sign with fresh content?
  • Do you/will you have personnel to keep the sign content updated
  • What are the community / federal zoning regulations?

Would you like help answering these questions?

Contact us today. We’ll help you get the answers you need to get your started on a plan for the right LED outdoor signage for your business.