What is LEED Certification? Is it part of the Green thing?

Have you ever felt like you were the last person to hear about something? Like one day you woke up, got on about the day only to get this unnerving feeling that everyone around you but you is in on the latest thing?

LEED Certification can feel that way for those who spent more time working on their business than they were reducing their carbon footprint. But, fear not, we got you covered.

What is LEED Certification?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council - a 501(c)(3) to focus on sustainability in all phases of the building process: design, construction, and operation. The non-profit has been around since 1993; the certification began in 1994.

LEED Certification covers five areas of construction from which a project can choose to be certified.

  • Building Design and Construction
  • Interior Design and Construction
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Homes

Levels of LEED Certification

There are four different levels of LEED Certifications.


To beCertified is an achievement in itself. A basic certification means the project surpassed the LEED minimum requirements. Points achieved: 40-49.


Silver is the third tier LEED certification. It is a narrow point spectrum from basic certification, Silver, and the second tier certification. Points achieved: 50-59.


Gold is liking getting a B in the public school system. It is only a few points off from top-level certification. Points achieved: 60-79.


With a score of 80 points or more , one can pat themselves on the back because their project achieved the top level certification: Platinum.

How to begin the LEED Certification process

Visit usgbc.org/certification today to learn more about the cetification.

Visit https://www.usgbc.org/leedonline.new/ to start the first step: registering the project.

To learn what your outdoor signage will factor into your certification, contact us today to get started.