How to Afford LED Signage on a Small Budget

LED is the wave of the present future. It helps one get their LEED certification, provides a smaller carbon footprint, looks modern, provides the ability to allow your message to continually evolve, and can truly integrate into marketing and advertising campaigns. Everyone wants to get in on the trend, but not everyone can afford it - right away. Tight economic conditions, new business conserving cash, struggling industry...the factors are numerous.

Fortunately, there are ways to get LED Outdoor Signage into your present future without having to put stretchmarks on shoestring budgets. Below are a few ideas to help get your business going and growing along the LED path:

Lower the resolution

If you want the size, shape and flexibility provided by LED outdoor signs but need to cut a corner to make it happen, one suggestion would be to go with a model that has lower resolution. There are medium and standard resolution signs to go along with high resolutions.

What this means is that your images would still look great, but you would lose a little vibrancy and richness provided by high resolution images. You could even get the same size signage as the one in your original plans. You would just have to be more careful with the imagery and graphics you utilize when updating messages.

Simplify the color spectrum

If you need to strip down the budget further, there are monochrome LED signs. With one color, you save a bit while still being able to broadcast messages. Once again, it’s a tradeoff, but you could still work towards the essence of the imagery.

Use signs with simpler features

To scale it down further, there are interactive LED signs with simpler functionality that provides eye catching integration: times that provide information on time, temperature, weather, stock reports, sports scores, news reports and the like are nearly a hands off approach to live and active signage.

Build as your budget affords

Another approach would be to build up your signage as your business grows. Building out the initial look and feel and going with a static image as a stylish placeholder is a great idea. Another idea would be to simply go with a smaller sign or screen size, then when you are ready for a bigger sign, repurpose the existing screen or resell it.

Innovative technology that provides incredible possibilities, regardless of the budget

One can tell how great a technology is by its ability to adapt to the needs of its users. With the possibilities provided by LED technology, even budgets held together with the tightest of purse strings can still enter the LED signage landscape and scale up with their business’s success.

For more information on how to take beginning steps into the LED Signage world, contact us today.