Making sure your outdoor signs light up the autumn nights

Making sure your outdoor signs light up the autumn nights

In only two short weeks, daylight saving gets pushed back for Fall and Winter. The night takes over again until Spring. Your business’ visibility becomes less dependent on the sun and begins to lean more on its ability to create its own light. Literally. The longer the nights get, the more your signage will be dependent on its own source of illumination.

Before mother nature starts going to bed before dinner time, consider the following ideas to make sure you leave for your clients.

Lightbulb Life Cycle

Each light bulb comes with its own anticipated life cycle. If you have been running with the same light bulbs for years, you might think you’ve discovered the life cycle is actually longer than what it says on the box. But our experience has told us that published product life cycle expectations are not for the day the product dies. For starters, nobody has a crystal ball. The other factor is that waiting for a product to go out before replacing hurts productivity.

Published life cycles are for when the anticipated wear and tear reach a point where the product stops working at expected efficiency.

When the published life cycle is up, it is best to change the light bulb to ensure that business’ productivity continues to flow seamlessly.

Visibility vs. Cost

Typical rule of thumb: the brighter the bulb, the bigger the cost. That cost includes the initial price of the bulb as well the cost to operate and, eventually, replace the bulb.

The other thing to remember is that not every piece of sign works the same way. If the signage is designed for higher wattage, higher wattaged light bulbs can be cost effective over time. The reason is that lighter wattage bulbs could run the risk of receiving too much power from the sign, shortening its lifespan.

Make sure you do the math before just picking a bulb based on universal standards. Your signage is unique. Treat it so.

Warranty and Agreements

Why go outside and replace a light bulb yourself when you don’t have to? Make sure to double-check the terms and conditions of your warranties and agreements. In some cases, light bulbs that go out before their time can be replaced for free. Maintenance contract and agreements typically include replacement services.

Carbon Footprint

We specialize in installing outdoor signage for LEED certification. Such signage, such as LED outdoor signs, helps reduce a sign’s carbon emissions and light pollution. Often times, the cost to implement is cheaper than most businesses expect. Also, there is the ancilliary PR benefit of “going green.” Your marketing team will probably thank you.

Keeping Your Lights On as the Nights Grow Longer

The best way to make sure your businesses can see you coming is to keep ahead of the issues that can arise during the summer. Keep those issues in check and you’ll be able to light your brand throughout this Fall as well as several Falls to come.