Why choose us for your outdoor digital signage company.

Landmark Sign Group is a reputable signage company located in the Chicago suburbs. We specialize in custom outdoor signage. Our roots started in Chicago and Northwest Indiana where we continue our base of operations. From there we have grown a to-be-admired nationwide clientele. That clientele spans from office storefront signs to healthcare franchises. That's where our own-horn-tooting ends.

Since the start of the 21st century we have since grown our specialties to include digital outdoor signage. LED, LCD, scrolling marquees and more, we use all of today's modern technology to make the best custom digital outdoor signs we can for our clients. While the technology is an upgrade, the process is very much the same:


We start by getting to know you, your needs, and what your vision is for your signage. We do this with a free initial consultation and, from there, start to show you samples and examples that will give you an idea of what your vision will look like in person. This includes elements associated with your vision, the anticipated technology behind the dream, and showing of other projects we've performed which share elements with your vision.

Once we reach this step, we will take it a step further preparing for you a free quote spelling out the steps, materials, estimated time, and project costs.


Once the project is approved and the documents are signed, we get to work designing, constructing, and preparing to install your digital outdoor signage. We will help you with the paperwork, keep you consistently up-to-date on project status, and give you insight into how your signage is coming along.


The end of the process is as exciting as it is rewarding. This is when we complete the installation, and start your signage working for you.

We also offer recommended service and maintenance agreements to make sure your digital signage continues to shine brilliantly into the night.


For all our projects including our digital outdoor signs, we offer "On Time or On Us" guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about it.


Speaking of "contact," contact us today to learn more about how our company can make digital outdoor signage work for you. We'll walk you through your steps and options and let you know the realistic options to making your signage a reality.