Advantages of lower-resolution LED (and LCD) signage screens

When asked, we'll always recommend going with high-resolution LED outdoor signs. They have the sharpest resolution, which makes them most visually appealing. Because of their sharpness, hey can be seen from farther away than can other resolutions.

But sometimes "best value" runs smack dab into "the budget", and tough decisions have to made. We respect that. We understand that. That's one of the many reasons why there are also great LED signs that don't have the uber-sharp resolution. Here are a few advantages to consider medium and low-resolutions LED & LCD outdoor signage for your next sign.

You still get dynamic messaging

The biggest advantage you still hold onto when opting for lower-resolution LED & LCD signage is that you still get to quickly update your signage with digital content. Switch out an offer. Shout out a congratulations. Announce a flash sign. All of that is still able to be quickly done.

The tradeoff is that you'll want to go with less colors & images than you would a high resolution outdoor LED sign. Even that simply makes the design simpler and easier to execute.

You still can integrate with your other online marketing verticals

You can still get software that will allow you to update your message and other online verticals at the same time. It's a resolution drop, not a drop in opportunities. The lower-resolution LED & LCD signs don't make you go with custom file formats that can't be used elsewhere. Everything will still talk together.

You've laid the groundwork for future LED signs, when it's time

Perhaps the best advantage of going with the lower resolution LED signs is that you still decided on digital signage. This means your business can learn and grow while becoming accustomed to the advantages of LED signage.

Consider it training wheels for when you're ready for the high resolution signs. If you think they look great now, imagine how great they're going to look when you're ready to upgrade.

What an incredible time we live in for signage.

What's the difference between high-resolution, medium resolution, and low-resolution LED/LCD signs?

About 10mm. Seriously. It's amazing how something so small can make such a bigger difference, but it's true. To keep it simple to start, here's a rule of thumb on pixel pitches that separates high from low resolution:

  • High resolution : 10mm (or 12mm)
  • Medium resolution : 16mm
  • Low : 20mm

Also, remember:

  • the bigger the sign, the more pronounced the effect.
  • if the sign is outdoor instead of indoor (aka "in a shopping mall"), the effect is more pronounced.

Sometimes it's better to walk than it is to run.

It's easier to soak in the sights and the sounds when you walk. The same can be said for LED signs. The bells & whistles can feel a little intimidating at first. Opting for a lower-resolution LED / LCD outdoor sign will allow you to learn how to effectively integrated the tool into your marketing and advertising without as much of a financial investment.

Whichever way you would prefer to go, we're here to help. Contact us today for any questions or concerns you might have before deciding upon digital signage for your business.