Why choose Landmark Sign Group for your Chicago-area LED Sign company?

Installing LED Signs in Chicago for your business sounds simple enough to do by yourself, until you get into the process of finding outdoor signage that works 24/7 and can handle Chicago winters. Once that's accomplished, then you have to investigate the neighborhood zoning laws, research the required permits, work out the logistics to run electrical wires to the install, and right about now most find it's time to contact a signage professional like us to do the work.

Why choose Landmark Sign Group for your Chicago-area LED Sign company?

Our three reasons: offer, experience, and examples.

1 – Our offer

Typically, every signage project we perform comes with the following elements:

  • Free Initial Consultation: We learn why you want an LED sign, what size and type of content you run on it, and when you want it installed. We also discuss custom elements such as signage integration and combination with other elements.
  • Prices? Get a Free Quote: We give you images on how your signage will look, how long it will take to get the housing together, and when we'll be able to get it installed in your Chicago-area neighborhood.
  • "On Time or On US" Guarantee: We'll do it on time, or you won't pay a dime. It's what we pride ourselves on.
  • Service, End-of-Life, and Maintenance Contracts: We offer to make sure your LED sign and housing runs smooth and keeps up with the EOL cycles on its parts.

2 – Our Experience: 30+ years. It's just the beginning.

With high repeat work and referral rates, we build relationships as good as our signs. We've become possibly the largest custom signage company in Chicago & Northwest Indiana mostly because of our work.

3 – The power of LED. Or, success stories from our clients.

To see how we've worked LED signage technology into our diverse clientele, start with our portfolios for LED Message Boards, Canopy Signs, LED Illuminated Signs, and Small Business Signs. These four are where we most utilized LED.

Contact us today to get the LED Sign you need in order to stand out in your Chicago-area location.