It’s hard to LEED without LED

It’s hard to LEED without LED

Are you an agency, company, or store owner who is looking to get their LEED Certification from the U.S Green Building Council? Have you yet conducted any research on the requirements? Basic certification could require several upgrades to your location(s) in order to meet the requirements. Even reading the requirements can be cumbersome. When those eyes start to gloss over from the paperwork, take heart to know there are folks out there that can help.

We have been down the LEED Certification road many times before

When it comes to outdoor signage for LEED Certification, we know the steps it takes to get your location signage LEED-certified. As noted in our recent post outlining Strack & Van Til’s LEED-certified location, we provided LED outdoor signage that helped contribute to their Silver certification.

Why LED outdoor signage?

LEDs are considered more eco-friendly because they require less energy to illuminate, last longer, and make for easy changing and updating. Because they leave a smaller carbon footprint and are easier to control in terms of light pollution, LED lights are typically the go-to material for illuminated outdoor signage. By contrast, even non-illuminated signs that require no energy during the day need spotlights at night. Spotlights are typically known to create more light pollution due to the amount of light that reaches into the night sky.

Looking for more information on LEED-certified lighting and outdoor signage?

For more information on LEED certification, contact us today. We’ll answer your questions and, if you would like, provide a needs assessment to assure that at least your signage is on its way to LEED certification.