Keys to great LED outdoor sign lighting.

As we've talked about before, there are all types of LED outdoor signage: from illuminated, message boards, and screens to back-lit & single-color scrolling mark, LED technology has turned innovated the signage industry. But it's more than just the technology that separates LED signs from the pack. What separates them can be seen in the following:


The key to great signage is contrast. Though LCD technology initially burns brighter, LED technology illuminates consistent, beautiful contrast for years to come. Their longevity far surpasses LCD and other technologies. You keep and maintain the LED lighting, you keep the contrast. Keep the contrast, keep customers coming through the doors.


Your contrast is only as brilliant as what the competition is doing. You identify and analyze their lighting, you can set your LED signage to stand out from them. From there, the LED technology does the rest.


Once again, the hallmark of LED technology is how LED lighting shines with the same consistency for years at a time. Keep up with the End-of-Life expectancy of the bulbs, make it a point to frame up-to-date with routine maintenance, and you just might be able to defeat time and keep the sign running in perpetuity. The great news is that the End-of-Life expectancy is typically years apart because another hallmark of LED lighting is its durability.

The right shade (or hue).

This is the toughest, most rewarding part: getting that perfect shade of LED. A little mixing and matching and the lighting will be brilliant day and night. And with LED technology, you can set the hue to one color during the day and another color during the night, whatever's required to create a brilliant look.

There are many types and shades of LED from which to choose.

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