Red / Amber LED Outdoor Signs vs. Blue LED Outdoor Signs: a contrasting decision.

Here’s an example of a question that sounds simple but whose answer is initially more complex than it would first appear:

Which would you prefer: red / amber LED outdoor signs or blue LED outdoor signs?

Why would such a question be difficult to answer?

We have clients who prefer Red / Amber LED outdoor signs. We have clients who prefer blue LED outdoor signs. Each one of them has their rationale, reasons and reports to back up their choice. And they have factors to consider:

  • brand scheme
  • budget
  • zoning / building restrictions
  • competitors
  • neighbors / co-habitants fighting for the same space

It becomes a complex answer because of the environment the sign is situated in. But once these factors are researched the answer becomes a little simpler.

Visibility and Contrast

Consult all the psychology, facts and research from experts in the field you would like but remember this one principle: contrast.

What is contrast?

As we’ve stated before on our blog, contrast is being different from your surrounds. In short, to stand out.

To apply principal to the decision, try something like this:

If all the the colors surrounding the signage are more red in nature, a blue sign will stick out more. If all the colors surrounding the signage are more blue in nature, a red sign will stick out more. This includes surrounding signs as well as the environment which will backdrop the signage.

No two environments are different. No two situations are the same. Before determing a sign for your needs, consider the environment in which it will be placed. From there, the answer starts to present itself.

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