Multi-Colored LED Signs vs Monochromatic LED Signs: Two examples.

Multi-Colored LED Signs vs Monochromatic LED Signs: Two examples.

If one were asked whether they wanted either a color or black and white LED TV, unless the individual had severe colorblindness or an unmatched affinity for film noir, that person would pick the color TV. Color TVs feel lifelike and can make its watchers feel like they are a part of the action.

Though LED monitors are starting to push out the need for traditional outdoor signs in the same way they replaced the classic “boob tube”, choosing between color and monochromatic (single color) LED signage isn’t as simple as it is with TVs.

LED outdoor signage needs are often different than LED TV needs

When one buys an LED TV for a group such as a classroom or an office lobby, one is expected to have a captive audience. At worst, the audience will be around a few minutes at a time.

When one buys LED outdoor signage, the time to capture potential customers’ attention long enough to convey the message is drastically different. If, for example, the sign displays over a bend in an interstate, the business has but a blink of an eye to display the message. Sharper, definitive messages need to be made. In this instance, going with monochromatic LED signage that contrasts with the surrounding environment can be the perfect fit. It provides a sharper image because there are less colors with which to align. And, typically, monochromatic LED outdoor signs are cheaper.

In the same breath, if you have a few more seconds and personnel in place to keep the signage fresh with dynamic content, multi-colored LED Outdoor signage becomes an incredibly powerful tool for your business. The ability to give life-like displays with messages allow for customers to easily identify with the message.

The choice is yours...and your business, and your customer needs, and your environment...

As we talk about in both our LED 101 and choosing LED signage articles, the choice of signage ideally ends up being a product of its environment. This golden age of LED signage allows for color as black and white. Or all red. Or all blue.

In the end, all customers want to see is the value. To help you pick the signage that helps your customers see the value, contact our expert staff today. You know your customers; we know signs. Together we’ll be able to get a signage plan together to help your business start a golden age of its own.