Differences between Indoor and Outdoor LED signs

As we stated in our article spelling out the basic types of LED signs, there are distinct differences between indoor and outdoor signs. While they are interchangeable to a degree, the degree of similarity runs smack into concrete wall of differences. Those differences hurt both the performance and appearance of both the sign and your storefront or office.

Without further ado, here are a few things to consider when deciding on the rather lack of interchangeability between indoor & outdoor LED signs.

1 - You can use outdoor signs indoor, but we would advise against using indoor signs outdoor.

Most commercial LED signs are designed to work both indoor and outdoor, at least from a durability standpoint. What separates the two is how their hardware is set up to perform.

For indoor LED signs, the hardware is set up to be more vibrant, sometimes to the point of creating a tangible customer experience in the form of touch screens and kiosks.

Outdoor LED signs are designed to be seen in day and at night. There also expected to be readable and understood from far distances. This typically makes them larger, with bigger LED bulbs or softer pixel resolution.

Transposing signs – taking the indoor sign out or taking the outside sign in - would create visual impediments.

2- Yes. They're both commercial level signs. Keep it that way.

As we talked about in our article titled "LED Digital Signage vs. LED HD TVs for your business signs," there are huge differences between commercial level LED signs vs the types of signs you can buy at your appliance superstore down the street. When it comes to your business, you want to stay commercial.

Commercial quality signs are designed to handle much more wear and tear than TVs you can buy at a consumer product store. They're designed to work for the long haul, providing you a valuable ROI. For the hours and circumstances, it's best to get the right tool for the job.

3 - Yes, they both come in a variety of LED lighting technology.

Both outdoor & indoor LED signs are available in the different lighting variations:

  • Backlit LED Signs
  • Full Color LED
  • Illuminated LED signs
  • Monochrome LED
  • RGB Lights

This frees up store owners to get the sign they need with the budget they have.


4 - It's all about atmosphere lighting, not the location of the sign to the store.

It sounds like a silly point, but atmosphere tends to be the most essential element of sign selection. If your location is within an indoor mall, then the sign on the outside of the building doesn't necessarily need to be an outdoor sign. With consistent interior lighting, an indoor sign can be used. If a store is primarily lit with outdoor lighting – such as an indoor arena, marketplace, or heavily-windowed courtyard, then an outdoor light, even under a roof, could be the best sign for the location.

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