What types of signs work best for healthcare facilities?

Now that you understand why exterior and interior signage is vital to branding your healthcare facility and helping provide superior customer service by pointing the way, how do you decide what type of sign to use for your hospital, doctor’s office, immediate care facility, or nursing and rehabilitation center? You have a lot of options, and Landmark Sign Group has the expertise to help you design and place the perfect sign, no matter where you’re located, and no matter what zoning restrictions you face. Let’s look at some of the more popular options for healthcare facility signage.

Pylon signs: Here I am!

If your building is hard to see from a distance, you can’t rely on a sign placed on your roof or façade to get the job done. Pylon signs could be the answer! Pylon signs are freestanding signs that can be placed by that far off roadway leading to your facility, or can tower over your single-story building, proudly displaying your brand for the world to see!

Monument Signs: Stated with elegance

Monument signs are also freestanding, but they’re not as tall as pylon signs. However, their elegance makes them hard to miss! Monument signs incorporate your logo into an attractive landmark that looks like a work of art and tells the world your facility is here for the long run.

Canopy signage: It’s not an awning

The word “canopy” can bring to mind something flimsy, a piece of fabric on rickety poles, better suited for a charming main street storefront than a hospital, doctor’s office, immediate care facility, or nursing and rehabilitation center. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we say “canopy,” we’re thinking of a marquee, like the ones extending over the entrances and ticket booths of old-fashioned movie theaters. Those things get noticed, don’t they? So will your facility’s canopy sign, even without the blinking lights!

Wall mounted and post-and-panel signs: Wayfinding done right

Let our experts help you design more than the ordinary wall mounted plaque or freestanding sign-on-a-post. We’ve got the experience and expertise to help you choose colors, typeface, and materials that keep your wayfinding signage from blending into the background. We can also advise you on sign placement, word choice, and lighting options.

Landmark Sign Group has you covered

How do you choose the right signage for your healthcare facility? Trust the experts at Landmark Sign Group! We’ve helped healthcare industry clients in 39 states get their message across. Call us today to see what we can do for you!