What are the best fabrication methods for producing healthcare industry signage?

Healthcare industry signage tends to focus on branding and wayfinding, so we at Landmark Sign Group advise keeping it simple and distraction-free. Obviously, you want your copy to be simple and easy to understand, but how can assembly and installation of your signage contribute to that clean and straightforward look while still giving your hospital, doctor’s office, immediate care facility, or nursing and rehabilitation center an inviting feel?

Face fasteners: Crowding your information stage

To face fasten, or not to face fasten? What the heck does that even mean? The easiest way to explain is to talk about installing a deck: do you want the screws holding down each plank of your deck to be visible or do you want to hide the fasteners? Face fasteners, like deck screws, are visible on the front of your sign, and that’s not always a bad thing. Decorative face fasteners can give you a range of attractive looks, from industrial to whimsical. However, they also take up prime information real estate on your signage, and in healthcare, there isn’t always room to spare. When you’ve got very little space to work with, we recommend keeping fasteners out of the way and letting your information take center stage.

Let’s be un-seam-ly

Landmark Sign Group also recommends using materials and sign fabrication methods that reduce seams as much as possible. Seams in signage are the same as seams in your clothing: a seam is the point at which two pieces of material are bonded together, either with glue, welding, thermobonding, stitching, or another method. A seam can also be created by fitting two pieces of material together and bonding both to a third, larger piece of material to hold them together. However they are created, seams can be a distraction, especially in signs that are backlit.

Design and fabrication advice from Landmark Sign Group

Landmark Sign Group has the decades of experience in sign production, and can advise you on the best way to make your signage vision a reality, whether you’re dreaming of a huge outdoor sign lighting up the night, or a small indoor sign letting visitors know where to find a loved one.