What are the best materials for healthcare industry signage?

You’ve got a vision for your hospital, doctor’s office, immediate care facility, or nursing and rehabilitation center, but how do you bring it to life? Choosing the right materials for your signage is as critical for getting your brand noticed as choosing the right location for your signs. The right materials can also keep your facilities looking brand new for years to come, with little to no regular maintenance! Let’s look at some of the most popular material choices for healthcare industry signage.

Alucobond®: Any way you want it

Alucobond® is an aluminum composite material made by sandwiching a layer of polyethylene between two sheets of .02” aluminum and thermobonding everything together. The resulting material can then be finished with a Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coil coating. Alucobond® comes in an array of standard colors, but can also be custom finished in any color you could imagine.

Why do we love Alucobond® for healthcare signage? This stuff has it all: flexibility, strength, and it’s lightweight too! You can make any shape in any color, and not have to worry about longevity or difficulties with mounting your design to buildings and other structures.

Lexan: Hit me with your best shot

Lexan is tough stuff! In addition to signage, Lexan is used to make sports helmets, high-performance windshields, automobile headlight lenses, and bullet-resistant windows. It has 50 times the impact strength of acrylic or plexiglass, and it doesn’t turn yellow over time. Lexan, however, can be as flexible as it is strong, and can be made into extremely flexible yet durable sheets which can provide an ideal solution for indoor signage.

Acrylic: Cost effective chameleon

While not as strong as Lexan, acrylic is still quite durable and can be produced in any custom color you require. Acrylic can also be frosted to mimic more expensive and less durable etched glass for an elegant look that lasts for years. Interested in metallic but don’t want to deal with heavy and costly metal lettering? Try acrylic with a metal laminate! Attractive,affordable, and easy to customize, acrylic is a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor signage.

Whatever project you’re thinking of, Landmark Sign Group has the experience to help you make the best choice for your needs and your budget. Call today to consult with one of our experts and get started on bringing your vision to life!