Signage Enhancements Worth Squeezing into a Q4 Budget

As we talked about in our last article, the change in the seasons creates new reasons for signage maintenance. Depending on those times of year, existing outdoor signage could need anything from a clean washing to a complete re-sealing.

For those who keep due diligence on preventative maintenance, their signage should be continue to work for them. For those with maintenance contracts, all the better still.

As we enter Q4, the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. While most of us put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters, we would like to point out a few additional aspects of outdoor signage that you should take a second look at. You know, before it starts sounding too cold outside for man or beast.


Signage is as unique as the business for which it shines. Everyone finds their signage valuable to them. Truthfully, though, some signage is considered more valuable to third parties. For those who have materials, components, or technology in their outdoor signage that is highly coveted by the less-than-desirables, taking the extra second to make certain the security measures are in place becomes a valuable step towards maintaining the longevity of the sign.

How’s the structure?

One can never look at the structure of the signage too many times. Its foundation is crucial to its job functionality, especially after a storm. No amount of preventative maintenance can account for the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Plan for it coming, analyze what she leaves behind. Even the most insignificant-seeming of storms can cause significant damage. The reason is that the power of weather storms is not evenly distributed throughout its activity. One pooled, concentrated burst from a storm can do damage.

How long have those lights been in there?

The only thing worst than replacing a light when it still has a little spark left in it is replacing it while having to wear layers of Carhart clothing as the wind whips your eyes to tears.

Make sure to keep track of how long the lights are in the outdoor signage. Make sure to track the longevity of those lights. Then make a point to replace them at their manufacturer’s requested expiration date.

The alternative is waiting for the light bulb to decide when to go out. At that point, you’re waiting for Murphy’s Law.


The only thing worse than waiting on a signage light to go out before replacing it is having it go out and then having nothing with which to replace it. Especially in the case of custom made LED & LCD outdoor signage. Those typically aren’t the types of signage lights where one can find the replacements at the store down the street.

Make sure your supply of replacements is fresh. If they aren’t, restock. Or, plan to have a few nights when you’re brand is running in the dark.

Repairs and Replacements

Check for nicks here and burn-outs. If the signage is easy to manage, take care of the little things before they become big things. When it comes to Q4 and the upcoming holiday shopping season, those little things are bigger than normal.

To learn how to get the most of the signage

Make sure to take the time to brush up on the latest techniques for caring for your outdoor signage. Brush up on the latest sign specifications. Make sure to check the latest updates to local, county, state and federal statutes. Not only will you be able to make sure you stay in compliance, you might also find new opportunities to augment and improve your signage. Such changes could include freedom in color choices, brightness in signs, improvements in lines of site, and more.

Take care of your sign, and it will take care of you.