Aligning with the Signs of the Seasons

Designing, constructing and implementing outdoor signage can be an intricate, coordinated process. Resources, scheduling, compliance, paperwork, permits..and that’s all just to get started.

Beautifying, enhancing, and maintaining signage is as structured. For all the schematics, experience, and rules of thumb, sometimes the best thing do is to, instead, look at a weather map and align your signage maintenance with the signs of the season.

The year starts with winter. This is your sign to make sure your sign is staying dry and secure.

Bundle up. It’s going to be cold outside. Make sure you have great boots. Also, make sure your sign is holding up. Even the best of materials can wither under an Arctic Blast.

No matter how cold it gets, continue to check up on the outdoor signage. Make sure the seals are tight, the signs are puncture-free, and that insides are remaining dry.

Spring. Flowers bloom. This is your sign to prepare your signage for spring.

The rain comes and melts the snow. Oh, if only it were so clean.

Everyone remembers Spring fondly, and who wouldn’t? The truth is that there are many muddy, wet, windy, moldy days between those beautiful moments. Those days grow the plants. But for everything else that doesn’t live in the mud, those says can be can wear and tear.

The days get easier, but doing a Spring inspection on the signage will help make sure the signage can put its best for forward as well into the new year.

Summer. The longer the sun stays out, the more you need to make sure your signage is keeping cool.

It seems anymore that Summer stays for only a cup of coffee before slipping back into Fall.

As beautiful as its all-too-brief appearance is, its warmth can also be scarring. Electrical issues can arise from either the wires or soldering melting. Signage colors can fade from the rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure on punctured or unprotected areas can make for some troubling times down the road.

Fall. A beautiful descent back into the cold. This is the sign to plan for everything.

As we wrote about in our Falling into Autumn Maintenance, article, the season can start soft but typically ends fiercely. Some of the worst weather of the year can happen. There is no good reason to think of anything otherwise.

A thorough inspection and testing in preparation for the cold months will help keep the lights on when the sun starts sliding away sooner and sooner.

And back to Winter. Time to bundle up and prepare to do it all again.

For any questions regarding how to align your signage maintenance with the seasons, contact us today.