The age of 16mm Full Color LED Display Signs

Now is an absolutely exciting time to be in the outdoor signage. It seems that every time we get the quarterly industry newsletter there’s something game-changing being introduced to our market place.

With the introduction of 16mm Color LED signage, it feels as though we’re now becoming television producers because of all the video animation that becomes available to our clients.

Let’s grab the director’s chair & megaphone and script out what makes the 16mm LED signage so incredible.

16mm Full Color LED Signage Features & Benefits

For clients who have multiple messages & offers to advertise and a computer to use, the 16mm LED outdoor signage will quickly become your advertising wonderland. It offers the deepest, richest color palette to date, which allows for HD & high resolution graphics to be prominently displayed. With the innovative RRGB setup (2 parts red) the 16mm’s ability to display rich media makes the 16mm LED signage perfect for interactive areas including sporting events, entertainment, and markets. The medium’s brilliance allows for sharp displays at large sizes, making it perfect for billboard and roadside signage with less worry about the images pixelating (digital speak for “getting blurry”).

And because it is LED technology, it burns less energy than does LCD lights, saving money and increasing signage longevity.

16mm LED Signage Customization, Installation and Maintenance

Our 16mm LED signage clients receive the same industry-leading installation and servicing as do all our other clients. The range of services includes housing customization and full-spectrum maintenance contracts. We also provide training on the 16mm system so our clients can maximize the benefits and ROI for the system.

Ready to bring your signage into the 21st century?

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