Digital Signage Market Predictions - 2016 & 2017

Digital Signage Market Predictions - 2016 & 2017

Back in the day, signage was so simple. If you were the only dentist in town, you threw up a picture of a tooth or the RDA logo, and people flocked to you. If another dentist dared enter your town, you had a network. Now, maybe you had to build a bigger sign, but the head start meant everything - so long as your jaw-side manner was congenial.

Then towns and cities grew and competitor became bigger. Businesses owners needed signs that focused on Contrast and Call-to-Action in order to stand out from the competitors.

Now that we’re smack dab in the beginning of the Digital Age, we have huge monstrosities for signs that light up the night and give stock reports and sports scores and social media updates. The pump television feeds and computer programs.

But are all those gizmos really, really, really necessary?

Digital signage prediction

The latest market projects would suggest that the Digital Signage trend is only beginning to blossom. According to MarketsandMarkets, the Digital Signage market will be worth $13.2 billion dollars. In 2017, that number jumps to $13.8 billion. Many of the devices will be supporting Rich Content meaning more computer-based animation programs will be used to provide content like the world has ever seen.


Who knows, maybe we’ll soon see Jaws 19 from “Back to the Future II.“


It’s not that you need to convert to digital signage, today

The market is still big with early adopters. Digital signage usage is slowly breaking away from gimmicks and tricks into usable functionality that can be used in basic outdoor signage. But those days of using digital signage to optimize your outdoor signage visibility during all hours of the day and night are coming.

Want to digitize your outdoor signage?

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