If your outdoor signage is embarrassing to you...

If your outdoor signage is embarrassing to you...

Once in awhile, a business or a shop dances their branding around one of the classic marketing secrets: advertise your weaknesses. They draw attention to the issue without stating the problems, highlight the positive qualities non-stop and then hope nobody else notices the flaws.

It works in some places. The best places to eat in New Orleans are often discovered via word of mouth because they spend so much time and effort on the food that they seldom have resources to do anything with the outside of the building. They can get away with it.

Most of the rest of us are not that lucky

Is a dirty outdoor sign really your schtick? Really?

The rest of us have to take our outdoor branding serious. We have to make sure customers can see it. We have to make sure he measures up to the competitors. We have to start considering the digital upgraded - LED, channel letters, message boards. We have to make sure it stands up for us when we rest.

Customers need to trust the places where they conduct business

If customers don’t trust your signage, they typically don’t trust your business. They simply won’t walk through the door. If they do, they’re expecting discounts and sales. Not that they shouldn’t, but typically more than you might be prepared to give. Why? Because ripped, torn, and worn-out signs give off the impression that the business is in need of the money and is willing to make a deal.

Install outdoor signage customers can trust

Every work day we straighten our ties, tuck in our shirts, polish our shoes and comb our hairs. We wash our cars and wipe down our briefcases. Then before we walk into the big meetings, we’ll lick our thumbs and flick our bangs back into place. The reason is because we need to give off the impression that we our at our best.

Our businesses need to do the same thing. We need to look our best to have a chance to get the most out of our day. For our customers, it starts with our signage.

If your outdoor signage is embarrassing you, imagine what it is doing to your customers.