LED outdoor signage maintenance contract questions

Most industry customers who purchase a beautiful, modernesque piece of LED outdoor signage do it for a multitude of reasons. Many like the idea of reducing their carbon footprint while taking an important step towards LEED Certification. Others like the low cost of maintenance as well as its durability.

Besides the sharp, visually-appealing image LED signs provide for businesses, there is a second common thread they share: the desire to keep their LED outdoor signage looking as vibrant and new for as long as possible.

Like with everything of value we care about, keeping something running like new takes a little tender loving care. It’s the reason we offer the opportunity for maintenance contracts over most every sign we make.

Below is a general list of common questions we generally get asked about regarding our LED outdoor signage maintenance contracts. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us.

LED Outdoor Signage Maintenance Contract - General Questions

1) “How do I know I need maintenance?”

Generally speaking, everyone benefits from maintenance contracts. The reason is that there are both obvious and subtle signs of wear & tear. For example, if a light burns out, it’s generally time for some maintenance. If there’s a crack, it’s time to repair it etc...

It’s the little things that aren’t as noticeable that need inspecting - seals, foundation, wiring, timing clock... - that can have a big impact if left untreated for too long. Typically the best way to notice these issues before they do damage is to have the routine inspections that come from maintenance contracts.

2) “But the sign is really, really high.”

That’s okay. Our trucks extend really, really high as well. :-)

3) “My outdoor LED sign is custom. Will that be a problem?“

Typically, no, it will not be a problem unless it has some fantastical configuration installed by a genius from the future. Then we’ll have to take a deeper-than-normal inspection. Otherwise, custom LED signs are right up our alley. We’re known for our custom outdoor signage. This expertise extends to maintenance.

4) “What if only part of my sign is LED?”

We can still cover all of the sign.

5) “It’s been awhile since we installed the sign. Is it still eligible for a maintenance contract?”

Of course.

6) “What if Landmark Sign Group did not build or install the sign?

That’s a good question. The answer is, “yes, we can.” Since we didn’t do the original work on the sign we’ll want to give the outdoor sign(s) a thorough inspection, but we can cover it. In fact, we’ve been getting more and more requests for it.

7) “What if we have more than one location?“

You keep growing locations, we’ll keep covering their signs.

8) “What if we just got the sign?”

Mother nature waits for no one. The earlier you begin a maintenance contract, the better the likelihood is that your sign will work for you.

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