Winterizing Signage

Without question, upgrading and repairing your signage is an investment that pays itself off. That still doesn’t mean the steps going into the process take care of itself. A little effort to inspect and plan for the process is required. The effort can feel doubly so when the weather takes a turn for the worse...

Until the United Federation Planets comes up with weather modification nets that allow for us to have great weather 365/24/7, below is a short quick list of tips to help Winterize your signage for the upcoming harsher weather seasons.

Eyeball it - survey inspection

While no one can plan for something to break, preventative maintenance is still a great way to keep the help reduce the risk of anything falling apart. The easiest inspection is frequent eyeballing inspections. Walk the grounds and look up at the signs. Check for cracks and signs of water, leaves, mud and other elements of nature pooling up inside the sign. If you go home before the timed lights go on, take a night during the week and flip them on to see if the lights come on - make it a paperwork & pizza night until the sun goes down.

Call the landlord

As nice as an eyeball inspection is from the ground, especially the part about not having to get up on the ladder, someone is going to have to go up and actually get up close to the sign to make sure everything is fit together and in working order. Unless your company plan covers exterior levels and your rental contract includes performing your own exterior repairs, you should schedule seasonal inspections with your landlord. Hopefully, it is already negotiated in your rental contract.

If he sees anything glaring, then you can get your sign guy out with a description of the problem.

Call your sign guy

Unless your landlord has a “we fix it,” policy, the smart play is to get your sign installer out to inspect before the wintry season begins. They can test all the components, seals and lighting to make sure they’re read for another seasons of blizzards and close calls from Santa’s sleigh.

Don’t let the snow be your sign to check your signage

Keep on top of your sign’s health and your sign will take care of you. For more information about inspections and preventative maintenance plans, contact us today!