Low-cost alternative outdoor signage materials

Low-cost alternative outdoor signage materials

We recently performed a demo and new sign installation for a client who was looking to update their signage with a modern, yet distinguished appearance. The look they went for was a non-illuminated monument sign with all the look and feel of marble. Instead of actually going with a piece of marble, they chose to go with the cost-cutting feature of alpolic marble cladding.

The shrewd decision wasn’t solely based on cost. The material provides the elegance and shine of marble, all the while being easier to maintain and upkeep.

As much as we would all love to go for the rich-feeling materials of raw materials such as wood and stone, sometimes it just makes more cost-effective sense to go with the alternative. Below is a list of common alternative materials that are used as effective, low-cost alternatives for outdoor signage.

Metal Composite Materials by ALPOLIC®

ALPOLIC® materials provides a line of products that, according to their website, “last longer than competing composite panels or solid metal.” Essentially, instead of having a full sheet of metal, the products have to “skins’ of aluminum cover polyethylene core. Their range of products include those with a fire-retardant core, polyethylene core, reflective aluminum, and heavy duty materials.

The material allows for a variety of finishes that range from natural metal and solid colors to stone series finishes - such as marble.

ALUCOBOND® - Aluminum Composite Materials

Much like ALPOLIC®, ALUCOBOND® makes ACM - aluminum composite materials. Their line of products allow ALUCOBOND® to provide a seemingly endless array of looks, finishes and styles. From antique to futurist, the diversity of ACM allows for ALUCOBOND® to appeal to nearly every business market.

PVC Plastic

Ever driven down a modern subdivision and saw white picket fences the same to fade. It isn’t until walk up close to the fence that you realize the fence isn’t made of wood. Instead, it’s plastic.

PVC Plastic provides several simulated looks and finishes that are lower cost alternatives to materials they emulate. It is durable, lightweight, and is waterproof. It’s such a durable low-cost alternative that sometimes it is used a substitute for another alternative - Polyurethane Foam.

Polyurethane Foam

Unlike wood, polyurethane foam won’t splinter, rot, or warp due to weather. It never needs repainting, is waterproof and maintains the look and feel of actual wood for years.

Recycled - Green Materials & LEED Certification

Sometimes the best materials for your new outdoor signs are the materials already being used. Recycled signs can be provide invaluable cost-saving benefits while at the same time providing a refreshed, updated, lasting signage presence.

Depending on the signage used, recycled materials can help your business in their bid for LEED certification.

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