Falling into Autumn Maintenance

It comes on slow, subtle, and as soft as a feather pillow. But like a seasoned slugger, Autumn waits until the guard is down just a little before it pummels the country with a barrage of thunderstorms, plummeting temperatures, and haymaker storms. And just when everyone thinks the worst is over, they bring on the power of the ice and snow.

Mother nature doesn’t discriminate. When she brings out Autumn, she lets it go everywhere without prejudice.

While Mother Nature is lawling everyone into a false sense of security, please allow us to help train your signage for the big fight to come.

Scheduling the time for care

Making sure your signage is ready to go the full 12 rounds is something best done in the training. Rituals, planning, and making sure time is taken to plan out the seasonal maintenance strategy helps make for good maintenance habits.

Get the plan. Put it on the calendars. Install reminders.

Farmer’s almanac Is your friend. Though...

According to most experts, the winter of 2014-15 for most areas of the country is expected to be even more brutal than the previous year. This means that those areas that weren’t use to the cold and snow they received are about to not be used to it all over again. So while it’s often wise to check the Farmer’s Almanac as well as the experts’ weather predictions, planning for the worst has shown to be a safer bet.

A good cleaning before, and after

Fall, like Spring, has a wide range of temperature changes between the beginning and the end of the season. With the countryside preparing for hibernation, the wind has more to toss around: dead leaves, dander, mold, crops... Mix those ingredients up with the elements Mother Nature brings to the party and what you get is a messy concoction of muds, pastes, and other forms of gobbledy-gook that can end up anywhere at any time on anything.

Keeping the outdoor signage clean is imperative to keeping its longevity during such seasons of change.

How’s the landscaping?

By Fall, the landscaping has had two seasons to grow back up and out. How close is it to your signage? Is it hindering visibility? Has it gotten to a point to where it can wrangle its way into the support, foundation, or structure? Not only are the plants a concern, but those plants also make great chutes & ladders for the little creepy crawlies that like to make nests in secluded places.

And if you don’t have time to care for it all

We can custom-make a Maintenance Contract to fit your needs. It’s what we do.

Then if winter shows up early, you’ll already be a step ahead.