Subtle ways to use outdoor entertainment signage

Subtle ways to use outdoor entertainment signage

When it comes to directional or highway signage, contrast and simplicity are the names of the game. But once someone finds the location they're looking for, your signage becomes more than a beacon for your business. It becomes an instrument to help people know exactly what you have in store for them.

Below is a list of subtle suggestions and tips we’ve helped clients implement over the years to give their outdoor signage that needed extra nudge to put their customer experiences over the top. We hope they give you a little dose of inspiration as well when considering outdoor signage.

Directional suggestion

Not every business is nestled in a noticeable, easy-to-get-to location. Some locations get stuck on the left side of the main flow of traffic with no left-hand turn option. Others get trapped in the back of the strip mall. Then there are those who are in the back end of commercial parks, far beyond the line of sight of their initial signage.

Soft, visual reminders with a directional symbol pointing to your location along with a couple welcoming words will make it easier for customers to find your location.

Clocks, Weather reporters...

It’s amazing how magnetic the sign at the mall with the big clock is to eyeballs. Stock tickers, sports scores, and weather forecasts also seem to have this mesmerizing effect on attracting eyes to signage. Recurring visitors come to associate and trust in the information offered by these signs - provided that they’re kept accurate. Some visitors begin to use them as navigational beacons. Over time, your signage gets used as a local landmark. That type of association is metaphorically laced in gold.

LED video screen

Welcome to the 21st century. Outdoor signage can change on the fly and display videos. The possibilities are officially endless. Displaying products, exciting customers, streaming live events, and showing your own commercials are just a few of the amazing things outdoor signage can do anymore - all the while keeping small the carbon footprint and qualifying for LEED certification.

The wave of the future is a gentle ride...

...but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have someone show you the water flows.

We’ve been doing outdoor signs for over 30 years. We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of every signage innovation. We know how to make sense of the latest innovation and help you decide whether it's even worth considering for your business. Contact us today and we’ll help you navigate these waters to the safe shores of great, useful signage for your business.