Communicate with the community using your outdoor signage

Communicate with the community using your outdoor signage

“Buy this,” “Stop by today,” “Order now,” “Free stuff.” Some messages can not only feel canned, but probably promote glaucoma (just kidding). Probably even more so when it comes to local areas. And super-duper-doubly-so if your business is new to the area.

If your outdoor signage messages feel like their receiving zombie-like, catatonic responses, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Instead, make it an opportunity to test to message ideas.

Below we have a few ideas to help promote community engagement and positive response with your outdoor signage. If you try them out, please let us know how it goes.

Keeping in sync with community calendars

One of the best ways to get in touch with the community is to keep in touch with it. The first way to do that is to make sure you always have a fresh copy of the community events calendar.

From there, your business should find several semi-related activities of which your company can post messages that show support. Your sign gets fresh content, your PR develops a community-related identity. Besides, you should know what’s going on in local communities ( :-) ).

Subscribe area school and non-profit newsletters

Nothing shows community support like encouraging the kids. If your town’s high school basketball team is going to play in a state tournament, give them a shout out. If their science club is participating in a national competition, congratulate them.

Children are a community’s most precious resource. Show that you cherish them. Customers who see shared priorities are more apt to develop relationships with your business.

Start a “rivalry” with your area stores

A steady diet of community support and “buy now” posts can also get stale. Posts of character and charm show personality. Sincere, but with a soul.

To enhance the personality, starting a polite rivalry of message showmanship with a like-store in a nearby community becomes an entertaining battle-of-wits for both businesses. If done right, such work can attract other outlets who can then help promote the rivalry for you.

Dot those I’s and cross your T’s

All the work can go for not if you don’t spell the hometown hero’s name properly or get the taglines wrong.

Before too long, your signage becomes a centerpiece