Planning outdoor signage messages for the Holiday season...now

Planning outdoor signage messages for the Holiday season...now

Who wants to think about Christmas? It’s already overwhelming enough when retail stores choose to put up Santa Clauses before the kids have had a chance to pick out costumes and go Trick-or-Treating. Throw in the fact that some retail shopping stores are going to open at 6pm on Thanksgiving Night, and the whole Holiday Season can become overwhelming. So overwhelming that some of us just want to get in our pajamas, snuggle into our beds, and drink hot chocolate until Spring.

Sadly, such actions don’t pay the bills.

Not that we want to, but if we can’t beat our competition by avoiding the Holiday Season, we might as well beat them by performing during it. And we might as well start (wait for it)...now.

Make outdoor signage updates are included on the marketing schedule

Signage can be a linchpin to marketing messages. Contest announcements - especially announcing the winners - can all be done through LED outdoor signage, LCD marquees, and message boards. Also, announcing specials, coupons, and announcements on the outdoor signage gets customers used to checking for the sign when they enter your area. When they start getting used to checking the signage, they get used looking for you.

Dr. Pavlov would be so proud.

Test the messages

Call it a fire drill. Call it a trial run. Call it practice. Whatever you call it, call the practice events now. Go through the checklists and make sure everybody knows their role. It’s better to practice things now than when the Holiday season hits full swing.

Giving merry messages during the Holiday Season with outdoor signage will help the Holiday Season be merry for your business.

Even if the season now starts before Halloween.

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