Vibra Healthcare

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What does Landmark Sign Group know about healthcare facility signage?

Healthcare facility signage has a lot of work to do!  It not only tells the world what your facility is all about, but it tells your visitors where to park and where to go to find a loved one or get a test done.  We did such an awesome job of helping Kindred Healthcare with its nationwide rebranding project that they referred Vibra Healthcare to us for a similar project, and we were more than ready to step up to the challenge!

Signage for Vibra Healthcare:  Quality and precision at every phase of your project

While working with Kindred Healthcare, we designed, obtained permit approval, fabricated, and installed signage at 36 Hospitals and 211 Nursing Centers across 35 states, ahead of schedule and under budget.  Vibra Healthcare brought us the challenge of rebranding 11 facilities located in 7 states, and they asked us to help them develop their new look.

What’s involved in the design process for healthcare facility signage?

We started by meeting with the team at Vibra and worked together to develop a specific look for them that took into account their corporate signage guidelines, while still giving them a fresh, inviting, and modern look.  We also determined the best locations for their new signage, developed a plan of action for obtaining necessary permits, and worked out the appropriate deadlines for the project.  Back at the shop, we used modeling to test color contrast and readability and debuted the new design to everyone’s satisfaction.  With all of that ironed out, now comes the fun part:  we get to bring Vibra’s new signage to life!

Landmark Sign Group:  Excellence in the making

We’re excited to be fabricating the new signage for Vibra’s healthcare facilities, and we can’t wait to see it all put in place.  Check out our video to watch our skilled craftspeople in action!