Outdoor Signage Letters

Details always make or break good outdoor signage for businesses. Several factors are essential. Its list is long, including: The location, a contrasting hue, the type of lighting. and simplicity of messaging. Perhaps the most important item on this list: the outdoor signage's lettering.

You could have the greatest signage in the world but it wouldn’t make a lick of difference if the lettering is too shoddy for anyone to read it.

Check with the Visibility Charts.

A few years ago we posted a letter visibility chart. It discusses how tall a letter on a sign has to be – assuming proper contrast with the sign's background color – in order to be seen from certain distances.

For the most part, these estimates never change. What does change over time is a person's eyesight. Barring laser surgery, it gets worse. So, typically, we plan conservatively.

CTAs (Call-To-Actions)

"Buy now." "Free Estimates." "Save Today." "Free Trial." The best Calls-To-Action barely go over a few syllables. This is good, because many outdoor signs barely provide anymore space than that. A bread & butter fit if ever there was one. Here's a refresher: Some time back we wrote a nice little guideline on when to follow and when to break traditional Call-to-Action rules. Check it out.

Channel Letters make for elegant signs.

Sometimes the best way to make your lettering stand out is to go with a sign that's mostly letters. Channel Letters are great, especially for signs whose company / brand name is all the CTA one needs.

Message Boards are great for constant message creation.

To use your signage to announce specials, sales, new offers, or to wish passers-by happy holidays, go with message boards. Then the simple messages can be swapped as often as your business would like.

Mix & Match.

Many companies use a combination of signage types to help get the word out. We have incredible examples of these in our Signs by Type. Our Channel Letters, Message Boards, and LED Iluminated Signs page all have great examples of how we used lettering in creative way to make the signage stand apart from their neighbors.

Speaking of CTA…

Contact us today to learn more about how we can get the most out of just your sign's lettering.