What to Promote on Your Signage During the Holiday Season When You Aren't Promoting a Sale or Special

The shear amount of the near-innumerable number of signs promoting sales and specials during the holiday season is so unbelieveable that the word, "innumerable" simply isn't voluminous enough. Somewhere a scientist has to be studying the holiday season signage phenomena in order to find something to poke holes in Einstein's theory of general relativity (happy anniversary, Albert!).

But what about those who have outdoor signs but nothing to sell during the season? For those whose season don't align with the consumer retail of December, here are a few ideas for you to throw some memorable vibes into the shopping aether in order to be better remembered fondly when folks call upon your products and services during your seasons.

Laughter & Inspiration

As much as it is a memorable time of year, it probably doesn't need repeating that it's also a very stressful time of year for most folks. Giving Holiday shoppers a little tension-breaker will be a little investment that can go a long way once you are in season. Everyone remembers the one who took time out to make them laugh.

Inspiration & Motivation

Not many signs distribute free espressos for passers-by. For the rest of the signs, providing some positive vibrations to folks during this time of year just my be the pause they need to catch their breath and remember to remember to plan for what's ahead. And that it (probably) will be okay.

Some need inspiration, others need motivation. Messages of encouragement (or, if you're like me, commiseration) will help remind folks that they've almost made it.

"It really, really will be over before you know it. Probably."

Thinking of Others

Every community has a situation that they are rallying around. Rally around with them.

It's almost never as important that you get credit for starting a movement so much as it is important that you and your business are involved. And doing a little good along the way usually returns itself in spades. Or hearts. Or Eurchre.

Yes, you can try to use humor when thinking of overs.

Thinking Ahead

Mix and mash the ideas. Whatever works for your business. The point is to stay included, stay involved, stay remembered. Even if it isn't your time a year. Nothing would scare even a Scrooge more than a blank sign during the Holidays.