Here comes the [new] BOOM [truck]!

Here comes the [new] BOOM [truck]!

Landmark Sign Group full-service industry signage shop includes installation of both their interior and exterior signs. The installation includes more than just the ones that hang over the door. Those signs that are perched up a couple stories? We gets those as well.

Here comes the BOOM! [truck]

With that in mind, we are happy to announce that our fleet of cranes, aerial equipment and service trucks received a new member of the family: a 2013 National A crane with 144 foot vertical boom and up to 60 inch diameter auger capabilities. The new boom truck will make easy work of placing or moving freestanding, gateway, pylon or pole signs. This boom truck has the ability to reach tall buildings in a single bound or lift for canopy, marquee and raceway signs making them all within easy reach.

Monument signs seem small when lifted easily into place by the Landmark boom

With the additional of the boom truck, our experienced installation team will be able to perform installations quicker, easier and safer. In the end, all the effort makes it easier for us to serve our customers.

Signs point to Landmark

Large sign or small, with Landmark on the job there is no need to worry at all. As you can see, we have the equipment to handle most every occasion.

Want to get the drop on the competition

If you’re looking to get extra reach with your corporate signs, please contact us today.