Signmaking and Graphic Design go as far back as man does. The first cave paintings were a form of Graphic Design as well as Sign Making because they conveyed a story as well as some form of directions to a place such as a viable hunting ground, for instance. They of course told others a story or many times were warnings to others of misfortune or good fortune.

Looking at the logo for any well-designed corporate identity schema gives the observer only a glimpse of their brand. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so-to-speak, of what amounts to a complex and often heavily regulated system of graphics, phrases, and service/product concepts designed to present the strongest best face and first impression of a company to its consumers.

An organization's identity package can be one of its most valuable assets, and, as such, great care should be taken in its development and usage. The identity is what customers will imagine when they think of the company. Corporate identities can define companies as old corporate names or as vibrant imaginative enterprises.

And that's what we do here at Landmark Sign Group. From design, to implementation, to fabrication, we help you leave your mark on the world by creating your own special "Landmark".

So, what's your sign?