Questions to ask when buying custom digital signs in Chicago. Perhaps.

We're still surprised at how many customers think buying digital signs is as easy as driving to Best Buy and grabbing the open box model by the front door. If it was only so easy, we could drop it off at your storefront window, plug it in, push a few buttons, and just, "set it and forget it," as Ron Popeil would say.

But, it ain't.

The process of buying a custom digital sign for your Chicago-area business isn't difficult, but it does take a few steps to get it right the first time. The steps involve questions that need answering. Here are a few of those "few steps" questions to consider:

How would you like to use your digital signage?

Are you hoping to capture foot traffic? Attract vehicular traffic? What's the sign's purpose?

Do you want to promote specials? Do you want it to be a branding tool? Perhaps you just want the new sign to give out the occasional PSA or show off your team's work in the community. Whatever the reason, the needs need to be considered.

Who is your target market?

"Are they customers or clients?" That's usually the overwhelming obvious choice. But, then, it depends on how tech-savvy your target market is. The savvier the market, the sharper the signage's cutting-edge technology needs to be.

How much time would you like to dedicate to updating your digital signage messages?

Do you plan on making your digital signage an integral part of your local marketing? The more time you plan to use it, the more options you'll want to consider.

How tech-savvy is your team?

Speaking of tech-savvy. The simplest digital signage will be of no use to your location if you don't have anyone who knows how to use it. At that point, someone's going to need to be trained.

On the other hand, a tech-savvy team means the only real limitation is the how far the cutting edge has made its way into the future.

How sharp does your resolution need to be?

Reducing resolution is a great way to save some big bucks on your next digital signage. If you don't need super-high HD-4K resolution with the sharpest of angles, then you dial it down a notch and keep a few more dollars in the bank.

There are many great middle-of-the-road resolutions in LED and LCD. Even single-color screens still do a lot of good for businesses.

How much space do you have?

That moment when your eyes truly are bigger than your stomach.

Zoning laws?

This can be uncovered during the permitting process, but it's good to know what you will be able to do before you pick your signage.

What are the neighbors doing?

Remember, above all, you'll want to stand out from your competition, preferably in a positive way. If all your neighbors are essentially going with the same equipment and style, then you'll want to mix it up. You want contrast.

The unfortunate, yet necessary question.

Once you get an idea for what you'll want to do, you'll know how you'll do it, how much space you'll have to do it, and who all will be around when you choose to do it. Only then will you will be able to factor in what you can afford. Budget.

With the other factors already estimated, you'll best be able to determine how to stretch your dollar.

Now, about that digital signage.

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