Vintage & Nostalgia Signage - Our Appreciation

Vintage & Nostalgia Signage - Our Appreciation

Landmark Sign Group prides itself on keeping up-to-date on the latest offerings and techniques. We design, build and install modern signage including electronic message boards, LED illuminated signs, Illuminated channel letters...

That doesn’t mean we don’t have an appreciation for the classics.

Vintage Lunch Sign at Chicago’s McCormick’s Place

In the picture above taken in March 2013 we see an old diner’s neon cabinet sign being utilized as an eye catcher on the midway still today at Chicago’s McCormick’s Place. Aladdin, maker of the famous 50’s & 60’s lunchboxes and now all sorts of storage products for you on the go, recognizes a hard worker by resurrecting the career of this seasoned veteran to invite convention goers while inspiring a nostalgic feel as they enter their booth.

We do Vintage & Nostalgia Signage, too

If you have a hankering for signage that looks like it was plucked by the crew of American Pickers and featured on American Restoration, Landmark Sign Group has you covered. Our team digs deep into their industry knowledge to craft historical-era signage with the look and feel from the era of choice.

Want modern functionality

We also can take vintage looks and apply modern functionality to them. We can light up the night sky with your classic vision. The process will able to be show that everything old can be knew again.

List of vintage & nostalgia signage (for inspiration)

Looking for a bit of inspiration to pick some vintage & nostalgia signage design ideas? Try a few of the lists below we’ve found that have helped get our creative juices flowing. Especially check out the Pinterest List. It updates every time someone tags an image as Vintage Signage.

Do you want your sign to look like it got its kicks on Route 66?

Old sign or new sign, Landmark Sign Group has the ability to get your sign project back from lunch and your business back in the game. Resurrecting your own sign or acquiring a new location that is in need of a signage facelift? Landmark can get your sign project to work for you, even if yours is currentlyout to lunch.