Types of aluminum signage and finishes

Have you been sent to the store for apples, but when you get there you find there's numerous types of apples and you're not sure exactly which kinds of apples you're supposed to buy?

Picking aluminum can be like that. It makes for great primary pieces and can also accent almost any sign with just a few strips. It can last for years, pending on thickness and coatings, and it looks great indoors and outdoors.

But, note in the last paragraph we already qualified a type of aluminum based on "thickness." Aluminum, when it comes outdoor signs, just about has a name for every one of its numerous purposes. It usually comes down to texture and finish.

Below are a few favorites:

Brushed Aluminum

Own a MacBook Pro? Then you've touched brushed aluminum. It's the look and texture many industries go to when they want industrial, modern, progressive looks to their branding and products. Brushed aluminum generates the same effect with their signage.

Reflective Aluminum finish

Ever wondered how the how the highway signs can be seen from so far away even though they're metallic. It's because most of them are giving a reflective aluminum finish, which essentially is a reflective finish that is layered over vinyl to enhance brightness and visibility.

They're also very handy on business signs.

Mirror / Polished Aluminum

Silky smooth. Nearly transparent. Like something out of Star Trek IV, polished Aluminum is a refined look that is often used in channel letters and typography to give timeless, professional looks.

Standard Aluminum

You can always go without finishes and keep with standard aluminum. The "raw" look itself is also very popular for industrial and "tough" looks.

Finishes and Sealants

In addition to thicker cuts of aluminum, sealants and varnishes can be used to extend years of life for indoor and outdoor signs.

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