Tax Signs of the Times

Tax Signs of the Times

One does not simply need a calendar to know when April 15th is approaching. Just check out the gorilla on the side of the road bouncing up and down with a sign in his hands showing off the great deals on tax preparation. That’s before the turn into the grocery store where 4 other tax preparer signs await with deals too good to be true. For iPad app lovers, this is the time of the year when the tax preparation apps reach the top of the weekly most downloaded lists.

Then just like that, it’s all gone.

Tax Signs are more than a 6-week spamming of high-traffic areas

At Landmark Sign Group, we know that CPAs, MBAs, tax lawyers and professionals have to make a living the other 46 weeks of the year. They need the right signage to portray the wisdom, trust and professionalism synonymous with the industry.

How we can help tax professionals with their signage

Rules on required signs and postings for legal documents vary from state to state. We will work with your office to make sure that the required information appears on your signage. The end result will be a branding that accentuates your brand and instills trust in present and future clients.

But if you’re only wondering about signage during tax time...

We use our professional design, superior fabrication, precision craftsmanship & cutting-edge techniques to create stylish and professional projects featuring a combination of seasonal tax signage specialties to attract attention without the need of a gorilla suit - unless, you know, it’s a part of your shtick.

For more information on our Tax & Financial Signs

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Speaking of signs...

Here’s an article we found while researching about signs to look for in a tax preparer.