Signage with Lights in Chicago is part of the city's charm.

We can mesmerize you with LED monitors. We can hypnotize you with scrolling marquees. We can tantalize you with channel letters placed on the highest floors of the highest buildings. We can do it all. But after all these years, sometimes the best way to get attention is by using signage with lights. Just a few (or countless) exposed lights as part of the sign.

Why mess with perfection?

We've done more than many types of signs with lights as accents because the design effect spans nearly all types of outdoor signage. Here are three classic examples that stick out as I'm writing this:

Chicago Theatre's canopy signs with lights:

Every one of the theater signs we've been fortunate enough to design, build, and install has made their customers look and feel like they're the center of attention. They walk up to underneath that brilliant glow, dressed all dapper & elegant, and prepare for the night ahead. Chicago Theater's canopy sign with its hundreds of exposed lightbulbs is among the most iconic of the looks in all of theatre.

Wall-Mounted like Shakespeare Theater in Chicago:

Maybe you don't want enough exposed lights on your sign to literally light up the neighborhood at night. For those who want something subtler, check out how a couple rows of light lit up the Shakespeare Theater's Wall-Mounted signs. The effect around both the vertical name, "Shakespeare" and the horizonal names Chicago and Theater would have been enough to make Bill himself blush with pride.

Non-Illuminated Signs with Good-Ole Gooseneck lights like Pikk's Tavern in Valparaiso, IN

Sometimes it's best to look timeless. Take the Non-Illuminated Sign we did for Pikk's Tavern. It looks simple, inviting, and cozy. Then when it gets dark, those gooseneck lamps turn on, highlighting the sign and giving it a look that implies the Tavern has always been around & will always be around for you.

One more before we go: FTW Chicago.

This one is a unique project we did involving all types of signs. With so many unique signs for so many signage locations throughout their indoor golf course and arcade, each one needed a little something to make it stick out from the others. In some cases, we used exposed lightbulbs as the core of our lettering. Check it out.

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