Sign [Preventative] Maintenance

One could build a sign with the best materials in the world, conduct a perfect installation and have it display in the most ideal weather conditions for the life of the business. It would be beautiful. Eventually, maintenance will need to be performed on the signage in order to main its intended look.

Design, fabrication, craftsmanship, technology & installation is only part of the equation, especially when it comes to representing a company’s brand equity. With that in mind, below are a few tips to help keep indoor and outdoor signage looking as new as possible for as long as possible.

Frequent sign testing and inspections

Automation and technology makes lives easier, but only when they are not taken for granted. Testing and inspecting signs at regular intervals helps keep a company on top of their look. It’s less embarrassing than having an employee or, even worse, a customer have to tell you something isn’t working.

Check daylight savings time settings

The schedule for daylight savings times has changed over the years. This is especially true for international companies who have locations in several time zones. Anyone who has signs with automated lights that are set to go on and off nightly, making sure the daylight savings changes have been accounted for will help keep everything on schedule.

Surface cleanings & scheduled maintenance

Not every fix requires a full crew, planning, and an unlimited budget. To keep signs looking new, sometimes all a sign needs is a good washing. Other times, tightening a light bulb or soldering a new wire is all that is required. Regular cleanings and maintenance will help little problems from becoming big adventures, thereby prolonging the life of a sign.

What other techniques do you use to maintain the health of your sign?