Sign-Making Companies in Chicago: how we perceive it. Usually.

It's one thing to be a sign company in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Nearly anyone can stake that claim. Hardware stores can stake that claim with their selection of garage sale and for sale signs.

Selling signs is simple. Sellers and resellers alike can instantly become a "sign company." But to be a sign-making company requires commitment. Each sign becomes a hand-in-hand journey for both the sign maker and the client. Even with our tried-and-true, "On Time or On Us" guarantee-backed process, there are still twists and turns, discoveries and revelations-to-come that make each sign unique, with their own history already developed before they display their message to the public.

Sign-making companies make more than signs. They tell stories. Each story starts like this:


This is where we first develop the vision. We learn about the customer, their business, their marketing P's - product, price, place, promotion, people, packaging, positioning both in their overall market and in their sign's location. We discover their process, physicality, promise, and whatever other P's one can plop into the alliteration.

Our customers learn the same from us.

We do the same for their signage. Within these exchanges, ideas begin to froth up. We sketch them down before the slip away.

Drafts. Revisions. Comps. Final revisions. Final comps, Approvals. And the signage comes alive.


When we design, we evolve our sketches into three dimensional drafts so our sign builders know exactly what to make. We get it down to the specific shade, hue, texture, and material manufacturer.

During the building, we keep in constant, proactive contact so our clients know what build stage their sign is in. The proactive content includes visual updates.

Part of our build process involves preparation for the next stage. This includes helping the client acquire their construction permits and preparing for the forthcoming signage installation.


Our boom truck operators are NCCCO / CCO crane certified, as required by OSHA. This means if you've dreamed it and we've built it, we can install it, too.

To learn how the sign-making process comes together specifically for your signage, contact us today for a Free Initial Consultation. From there, we provide a Free Quote and our "On Time or On Us," Guarantee. From there, it's up to you.