Outdoor Signage Design. Our favorite part (too).

Outdoor Signage Design is one of our favorite parts of the Signage process. Okay, so every part of the process is our favorite, but still, design is where we get to beget the look & feel of your forthcoming outdoor sign.

At this point…

We've gone through the initial steps with the client. We've conducted the client signage survey and have helped determined intention, purpose, DBA, and type of sign. We've also started on the building code checks and the permit process. For the Chicago area, we also know how to check for rules regarding public areas.

This should also be the point where we have the proper digital file formats for your business logo assets. And, hopefully, those assets are something stronger than a .jpg file.

Included in this point should be the ADA compliance your business industry adheres to.

…Now we're into sketching, drafting, and designing mockups.

With drafting, we do mockups, which are renderings that aren't final works but aren't chicken scratches either. We'll mock up what the sign will look like, where it will go, and how it will blend in stand apart from your neighbors.

The mockups are great conversation pieces and launching-off points that help us communicate with the client, ultimately refining the final look of your signage. We absorb our clients' thoughtful feedback, explain why we went with the size and color choices we did and how we balanced CTA contrast with client branding with anticipated visibility from different distances.

Once we've nailed down a final sketched mockup, we go into giving your outdoor sign a full, proper design rendering.

A full color rendering, to-scale with digitally-equivalent colors. Once completed, we send the mockup to the client and provide, typically, one round for revisions. We typically keep it to one round of revisions because, at this point, we should already be pretty close to the final look. For more information on our revision process, please read this article: How many revisions are needed before completing a signage project?

Once the client has approved the final design, we begin taking the project off the paper and bringing it to life.

Then our favorite part begins: construction. Like we said, all parts of the process are our favorite.

"What's the turnaround time from design approval to installation?"

We can't provide a flat answer for all projects. The answer depends on the size and scope of the project. Once those are known, we'll be able to provide an accurate estimate. These aren't fast food hamburgers we're slinging. These are hand-crafted works designed, built, and installed by master craftsmen.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, we can provide "On Time or On Us," guarantees. For more details on this, contact us today.