Our Sign Trucks do maintenance calls, too.

A few months ago we proudly announced that our boom truck operators received their OSHA-required NCCCO / CCO crane certifications. This means they can take our signage trucks out for all signage installations and teardowns.

But you might not have known that these trucks help us with sign maintenance, too.

This includes maintenance during the time of this posting: in the heart of winter. It's not easy to do but we're proud to do it, especially as all our clients here in the Chicago area will attest to: We're always five minutes away from going through another unbearably cruel winter.

How bad is a Chicago Winter?

If you've never experienced a Chicago winter, imagine Old Man Winter and Mother Nature matching wits above the skyscrapers. Each one trying to outdo the other, putting their awesome power on display much to the shivering and sheltering chagrin of the citizens below. It starts at near-zero temperatures and doesn’t end until several feet of snow are coated with horizontal ice storms and miles of cars are abandoned on highways. Winter, more than any other time of year, is when Chicago earns the name, "The Windy City."

We don't have to have installed your signage in order to perform maintenance on it.

Take our project for the Goodman Theatre. After their signage fire, we were called on to do a full maintenance project. Our maintenance trucks were used from teardown to re-design and re-installation. We didn't originally build the sign, but when called upon, we stepped up.

Now, provided you didn't have a sign-ruining fire, we won't have to completely update it, but even if we didn't build it, we'll happily run our operators and trucks out to perform maintenance on outdoor signs. We will assess your signage needs and provide for you a cost-effective plan to keep your outdoor signs strong, safe, and running for years.

And like all our other signage projects, our signage maintenance projects have the following options:


It's always a great day when our signage trucks are putting good miles on the tires. To have them roll by your signage to perform maintenance, contact us today.