Neon vs. LED Signs: It’s actually a close fight. Sort of.

As we recently wrote about, LED signs are typically the runaway favorite when compared to neon signs. LED can go where neon lighting can go, but neon can’t go where LED lighting can go. While such a debate would normally be open and shut before it began, we’re leaving the door open a crack because we just don’t think it’s fair to neon. Neon should be allowed to make a case.

In defense of Neon signage, here are some pros and cons.

LED Sign Advantages:

As we talked about in the last article, LEDs shine brighter, last longer, are more durable, safer, and require less effort to manufacture & install. Once they’re installed, LEDs require less energy, are easier to upkeep and replace – when needed, and aren’t as afraid of the cold. Oh, yeah, LEDs are often cheaper than neon-lighted signs.

Yeah, the argument is just a convincing the second time around.

Neon Sign Advantages:

We admit neon signs only have their laurels to rest upon, but they're pretty fun laurels. Check them out:

  1. Neon signs are iconic: As we wrote about before, neon signs have a signature look and feel. They’re a part of Americana.
  2. They provide a one-of-a-kind look: You can make lighting types look like each other, but neon stands out on its own.
  3. They have a loyal fan base: Neon signs have enthusiasts and collectors. No, seriously, you should see some of these collections.
  4. Neon all-but-invented the roadside sign look: When a sign look corners a genre, it has to be respected.

So while we’ll always recommend going with LED…

…there isn’t a reason why neon signs can’t be used as accent pieces. They would create great texture and layers to many offices and buildings.

Let LED do the heavy lifting. Let LED stand out in the rain and flag down traffic. Once they’re inside, show them a touch of culture. Try a neon sign here or there, or just over there by the water fountain.

And when you’re ready, we’ll be there with a free consultation, free quote, and our “On Time or on Us” guarantee.